The Studio opened in 2022 and was named after its founder Vermeersch Ellen, who currently lives with her family in a green corner near the city of Antwerp.

Ellen was born with a passion for drawing. The Academy of Arts was one of her favourite playgrounds as a kid and later on she freewheeled artistically whenever she found the occasion.

She started her career in commercial management, but as creative concepts kept popping up in her head one day she decided to bundle them into kids garments. This textile canvas brings her everyday joy as an artist, as a mother and as a nature lover.

She dived into the fashion industry, meeting up with many industry experts. Soon sustainability was regarded a prerequisite. The Studio follows the natural rythm of creation, not the pace nor rationale of the fast fashion industry.

Ellen discovered a passion for silkscreen printing. Mastering the different aspects of printmaking allows a flexible, hands-on approach. Creation and production is done locally and prototypes are immediately tested.

Making a parallel to the culinary world, she truly believes “homemade” tastes the best. This is the DNA of the collection.


    We dream to get back closer, we want to stay genuine and meaningful when designing new prints, to be flexible and open-minded, and to share all this goodness with our customers.


    Studio Vermicelli foremost loves to bring visually appealing and fun textile prints.
    In the Studio each print colour is developed seperately and printed in specific order by hand.


    Studio Vermicelli consciously chooses to print garments on demand. By doing so we keep stock levels to a minimum, reduce end-of-season fabric waste and an overflooding of the market.