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GLORIOUS TALES is about bravery.
No fairy tales, but genuine tales.
Stories about being bold and brave in the little moments.

Little ‘ordinary’ moments that become GRAND because of the way you act.
Little ‘dull’ moments that LIGHTEN UP because of your spirit.
Little ‘simple’ moments that become WONDERFUL just because YOU dived in, jumped a fence, took a leap of faith!

At Studio Vermicelli we believe:

YOU have the power to change.
YOU have the power to MAKE a change.
YOU have the power to make A DIFFERENCE.

And YES, it does matter: be done with the superficial fast fashion!
Choose to be part of a more glorious tale, that is kind to nature and to people.

Hope that you will enjoy our new collection and you’ll wear it with pride!

Cheers, Ellen


Studio Vermicelli is a sustainable print-to-order slow fashion label.

We bring high quality, ecofriendly and fairly made tops for both kids and adults.

All pieces are designed and handprinted locally. We work from a smallscale studio based in Antwerp.

Studio Vermicelli’s garments have handdrawn illustrations with a vintage feel. The timeless pieces can easily be mixed & matched with other pieces in your (kids) wardrobe.
Add your personal touch! We just LOVE to blend styles!

At the Studio, we are suckers for colours. Illustrations and graphics are made to make you smile :-)