The Studio was named after its founder VERMeersch ELLen (VERMicELLi) and is based in a green corner near the city of Antwerp.

Ellen was born with a passion for drawing. The Academy of Arts was one of her favourite playgrounds as a kid. Later she took on many creative challenges.

She started her career in marketing management, but one day decided to spice up her life and became a full-time enterpreneur in sustainable fashion. Ellen loves to tell stories on fabric and to spark up your life with sparky printed tops.

Mastering the different aspects of printmaking and silkscreening allowed a flexible, hands-on approach. Creation and production are done locally in Antwerp. Printing is done on demand. The Studio follows the natural rythm of creation, not the pace nor rationale of the fast fashion industry.


    Studio Vermicelli dreams to get back closer. To take it personal. We want to stay genuine and meaningful when designing new prints, to be flexible and open-minded, and to share all this goodness with our customers.


    Studio Vermicelli foremost loves to bring visually appealing and fun textile prints.
    In the Studio each print colour is developed seperately and printed in specific order by hand.


    Studio Vermicelli consciously chooses to print garments on demand. By doing so we keep stock levels to a minimum, reduce end-of-season fabric waste and an overflooding of the market.